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Tui Seeds Bundle - Autumn Salad Essentials

Tui Seeds Bundle - Autumn Salad Essentials

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Keep the fresh and tasty homegrown salads coming through the seasons! Start sowing now for the cooler months ahead.

This autumn salad essentials seed bundle includes:

  • 1 x Tui Lettuce Seed - Cut & Come Again - a mix of red and green varieties for colourful ingredients to your meals. Pick a leaf at a time and the plant will regrow for continuous harvests.
  • 1 x Tui Spinach Seed - Hybrid No.7 F1  - a disease resistant variety that produces large leaves and prefers the cooler weather. Pick baby leaves for salads and larger leaves for steaming in cooking.
  • 1 x Tui Spring Onion Seed - Bunching White - an easy to grow variety, resistant to pests and diseases. Succession sow for a continuous harvest and tasty garnish at your fingertips through the seasons.
  • 1 x Tui Radish Seed - Red Globe - quick to mature, producing small, round, bright red roots that are crisp and crunchy - perfect for salads!
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