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Tui Seeds Bundle - Autumn Favourites

Tui Seeds Bundle - Autumn Favourites

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Sow the seeds of autumn and grow fresh and vibrant varieties the whole family can enjoy. Choose from staples including Beetroot Cylindra, Broccoli Marathon F1, Cauliflower All Seasons and Carrot All Seasons.

This autumn favourites seed bundle includes:

1 x Tui Beetroot Seed - Cylindra - long cylindrical beets ideal for slicing. Slow to go woody, these beets have excellent flavour and texture.

1 x Tui Broccoli Seed - Marathon F1 - a fast maturing, disease-resistant crop well known for it's garden performance.

1 x Tui Cauliflower Seed - All Seasons - large white heads with great flavour and is an adaptable variety that can be grown year round in mild climates.

1 x Tui Carrot Seed - All Seasons - sweet and large growing carrots with good colouring and excellent flavour.

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